How to Choose the Best Dell Laptop Service Centre in Kolkata

Have you ever thought to spend a whole day without technology?

Ohh!! It’s a nightmare indeed.

Spending a couple of days with an obsolete laptop is a hell indeed for a tech-savvy man. On the other hand, many of us have an expensive laptop but have a little knowledge about its mending and maintenance.

So, let’s get some information what you should do and where to go when your laptop becomes out of order.

6 Facts to Remember While Choosing Dell Laptop Service 

On-the- spot support:


It’s really very frustrating when you need your laptop right now but the service centre takes two or more days for repairing. It’s time to change your repairing centre. The right Dell Laptop Service Centre in Kolkata gives their best services in no time. However, most PC and laptop servicing centre provide onsite service nowadays. Some of the servicing agencies provide their service by visiting your home. Though some charge extra for this. But you can negotiate in this matter.

Time is a big factor:


Suppose you are getting onsite service while visiting the repairing shop but they ask you to wait for four to five hours. It’s not a good service at all. No matter how damaging the laptop is it takes maximum two to three hours for repairing. Unfortunately, in some genuine cases, it takes more time.

Provides you with warranty service:


A warranty service is very important indeed. Make sure that your chosen agency provides you with at least six months or more servicing warranty. A warranty service is the ultimate safeguard of your laptop and it saves you money. Also, ensure that they provide you with the replacement of any damaged part even after repairing in a warranty period.

Gives you manufacturer certificate:


Another vital part is to ensure if the agency provides you with the manufacturer’s or the engineer’s certificate after repairing. You should opt for that servicing agency who is able to provide you with an authorized servicing guy, an expert in servicing Dell laptop.

Large companies not always give large services:


Large and renowned companies are not always the ultimate option. Go for the services, not for the logos. Many local companies in your area or neighborhood are there who are able to provide you with authorized and branded services at an affordable and reasonable price.  You can search the best and comparative rates on the internet.

Opt for a reasonable cost:


It’s probably the most vital fact that you have to compare when you have an out of order laptop. People have a wrong notion that it is very expensive repairing a branded laptop from a branded and authorised service provider. Well, it is totally a delusion.  Many authorised services are there at an affordable price.

Hope all these points will help you get advantages while visiting a laptop repairing shop and will also help you choose the best servicing centre in Kolkata.


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