3 Easy DIY Tricks for Your Lenovo Laptop Before Going To A Service Centre

Let’s accept the fact that dealing with a technical gadget becomes mess sometimes. So, Mr. tech-savvy guy, are you in trouble with your Lenovo laptop?

Yes, we can hear the sound of your heart break every time you had with the obsolete laptop.

It would be really a tough time to here and there in Kolkata for finding a service centre. Why don’t you try for some DIY with your favourite gadget today? Its 100% safe and interesting enough to spend a lot of time.


 And Here They are, What You Need…

#1 : Reinstall your software of Your Own

Most modern laptops are producing with plenty of extra software designed specially by the system.

These programmers include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Audio etc. In course of everyday task there would be some possibilities to remove accidentally some installation software.

If that happens, don’t worry some easy mouse clicks will solve your problem………

But, do you really want to consult a Lenovo Laptop Service Centre in Kolkata at the very beginning ?

At least give it a try by yourself. First, identify the problem by noticing which menu doesn’t work properly or can’t be open after trying several times. It will be the easiest way out if you don’t find out the menu. In that case, you can install that from the manufacturer’s website.

If the software is not available easily track down the maker and download the firmware from the company’s webpage.

#2: Dealing with a Dead laptop Screen.

One of the deadliest mishaps happen with Lenovo laptop is dealing with a problematic LCD.

Be warned. A broken screen is the sign of accidental fall, intense pressure, and expose to water or electrical overload.

To identify your faulty screen qualifies for repair diagnosis the laptop or notebook  is generally required either the onboard software or  assessment from an authorized service centre

In case of serious system failure, it needs physical repair, the standard warranties for major manufacturers (such as Lenovo) generally ask their customers to send their system back to the company repair facility. Under Lenovo’s standard warranty, a substitute laptop will be sent to the customer on the next business.

#3: Recovery from window failure

Don’t worry if your Operation System refuses to boot…..

Lenovo laptop manufacturers pre-load their movable with a recovery panel on the hard drive. The panel is customized to load the particular version of Windows installed at the factory plus all software in an emergency.

Pressing one of your laptop’s function keys during booting usually launches this feature. For example, tapping F11 on Lenovo ThinkPad will set off Lenovo’s Recovery Program.

The closure thought…..

That all, but that’s not all the problem that you face with a laptop. Some problem can be paved a way by seating in your house, trying some DIY. But, there is a forest of task that is really tough to repair by your own.

You have to go to the service centre. Sometimes that would be better option than doing wrong way alone.

So, first diagnosis your problem according to their intensity and decide the way or repairing.


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