7 Ways To Extend the Life Of Your Acer Laptop

A laptop is not only our best working companion but it is also a pretty serious investment. Though the portable device offers a lot more to us than a regular desktop computer, we often fail to take proper care of it.


It is crucial to take good care of a laptop in order to make the most of your investment. We tell you how to extend the life of your Acer laptop instead of taking it to the service centre.

Ways To Take Care Of Your Acer Laptop

Take Care Of The Device While Travelling

If you are travelling, make sure that you turn your laptop off instead of leaving it simply in the standby mode. It is also important that you remove all external devices, such as pen drives, thumb drives, CDs, DVDs, etc. from it before turning it off.

Protect It From Temperature Fluctuations

Any kind of temperature extremities can take a toll on your laptop. So, keep it away from temperature swings as much as possible. If it is difficult to prevent extreme temperature shifts, keep it turned off until the temperature becomes stable enough.

Safeguard Your Laptop Screen

The screen of a notebook is the most delicate part of the device and you must be extra careful while taking care of it. Never ever clean the laptop screen with a regular cleaning agent. There are monitor wipes and industry-approved cleaning solutions available in the market to keep the laptop screen clean without causing damages. You should also not touch the laptop screen with sharp or pointed things as it can lead to scratches or even cracks on the surface.

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Reduce The Issue Of Overheating

Overheating is a major issue for notebooks. It results in frequent shutdown and affects the health of the device in the long run. You can prevent the overheating of your laptop by putting it on a flat and hard surface. Keeping it on a soft and non-flat surface like blanket, pillow, or lap can avert sufficient ventilation and produce significant amount of heat.

Avoid Strong Magnetic Fields

Most of the electronic appliances, such as high-tech refrigerators, televisions, etc., generate strong magnetic fields, which has adverse effects on notebooks. Even smaller devices like speakers, cellphones, etc. also create powerful magnetic effects on laptop when left on. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you do not keep these appliances or devices in close proximity to your notebook.

Close The Lid While Not In Use

You might find it surprising but leaving the notebook lid open for long, even when it is not in use, is one of the leading causes of laptop damage. It not only drains out the battery but also allows lots of dust and dirt to settle on the keyboard. So, if you do not make it a habit to close your laptop lid while not using, you might end up taking it to your nearby Acer laptop service center in Kolkata for repairing.

Carry Your Laptop Well

Last but not the least; use a laptop bag or case of fine quality to carry your device everywhere with maximum protection. It should come with cushiony layers inside so that your device does not get damaged due to accidental drops or any other similar happenings.

These tips are simple yet immensely helpful in taking better care of your laptop. Follow these to extend the life of your device and avoid burning a hole in your pocket for its repairing or replacement.


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