Why Replacing Few Hardware From Your Lenovo Laptop Is A Better Option

If any of the hardware in your Lenovo laptop is not working efficiently, you generally have two options to choose from. Approach a laptop service centre to get the faulty part replace or repair it.


Determining which of them is a better option is indeed a daunting task. There are a few common issues which keep on recurring for specific brands. For example, if you owe a Lenovo laptop there is a few hardware which might start showing issues with the passage of time. Though you can repair those, replacing them is a more economical option.

7 Hardware Which Should Better Be Replaced Rather Than Repaired            

Hard Drive


No other part in our laptop is dearer to us than that hard drive and we never want it to fail. They keep all our precious data safe. No doubt, a faulty hard drive is more painful than the loss of an expensive processor. If you have good backup habits, you can easily replace the faulty hard drive with something faster and better.

CD Drives


A majority of the CD drives installed in our Lenovo laptops are quite robust as they are constantly moving and spinning.  But if you are still using those old read-only (CD-RW) drives, you should get it replaced with the latest models before any issue arises. They are actually quite cheap and the professional at the service centre can suggest you some of the reliable brands to choose from.



Replacing the faulty fans used to keep our Lenovo laptops cool is always a better option than repairing those. They are more prone to breakage as they are one of the few moving parts. Though we often tend to neglect the fault and pass it off unnoticed, replacing them is definitely profitable as they don’t cost much. You can simply buy a new one and install it using a screwdriver or let the professional do the needful.

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Video Card


Visit any Lenovo laptop service centre in Kolkata and stay assured that the professional will suggest you replace that faulty video card instead of repairing it. This is mainly because it is one of the components that have improved drastically in the last few years and replacing it will let you switch to Vista. So, if you two years old video card has broken, you better replace it with a current version.



A laptop can be regarded to be totally useless without a monitor. This is simply why we take it to the laptop service centre the moment it starts fading and doesn’t wait for it to stop working completely. If you are still not sure whether you can change your laptop monitor individually, approach any reliable service centre in Kolkata and ask the professional.

So, if any of the hardware stated above develop an issue, make sure you ask the professional at the Lenovo laptop service centre to get it replaced instead of repairing.

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