Why Replacing Few Hardware From Your Lenovo Laptop Is A Better Option

If any of the hardware in your Lenovo laptop is not working efficiently, you generally have two options to choose from. Approach a laptop service centre to get the faulty part replace or repair it.


Determining which of them is a better option is indeed a daunting task. There are a few common issues which keep on recurring for specific brands. For example, if you owe a Lenovo laptop there is a few hardware which might start showing issues with the passage of time. Though you can repair those, replacing them is a more economical option.

7 Hardware Which Should Better Be Replaced Rather Than Repaired            

Hard Drive


No other part in our laptop is dearer to us than that hard drive and we never want it to fail. They keep all our precious data safe. No doubt, a faulty hard drive is more painful than the loss of an expensive processor. If you have good backup habits, you can easily replace the faulty hard drive with something faster and better.

CD Drives


A majority of the CD drives installed in our Lenovo laptops are quite robust as they are constantly moving and spinning.  But if you are still using those old read-only (CD-RW) drives, you should get it replaced with the latest models before any issue arises. They are actually quite cheap and the professional at the service centre can suggest you some of the reliable brands to choose from.



Replacing the faulty fans used to keep our Lenovo laptops cool is always a better option than repairing those. They are more prone to breakage as they are one of the few moving parts. Though we often tend to neglect the fault and pass it off unnoticed, replacing them is definitely profitable as they don’t cost much. You can simply buy a new one and install it using a screwdriver or let the professional do the needful.

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Video Card


Visit any Lenovo laptop service centre in Kolkata and stay assured that the professional will suggest you replace that faulty video card instead of repairing it. This is mainly because it is one of the components that have improved drastically in the last few years and replacing it will let you switch to Vista. So, if you two years old video card has broken, you better replace it with a current version.



A laptop can be regarded to be totally useless without a monitor. This is simply why we take it to the laptop service centre the moment it starts fading and doesn’t wait for it to stop working completely. If you are still not sure whether you can change your laptop monitor individually, approach any reliable service centre in Kolkata and ask the professional.

So, if any of the hardware stated above develop an issue, make sure you ask the professional at the Lenovo laptop service centre to get it replaced instead of repairing.

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6 Types Of Services Offered By An HP Laptop Service Centre in Kolkata

Now that you have been facing problems with your laptop, are you on the lookout for reliable computer repair centres? Wondering how to judge whether the service provider is in the right position to offer you your required services? Fret not. All you need to do is to be aware of the various types of services offered by these computer repairing centres!


With our dependency on technology increasing day-by-day, even a minor problem on our computer appliances can disrupt and hamper our daily activities. Along with the advancement of technology, there has been an increase in the number of technical problems too. While it’s true that loads of DIY hacks are there on the internet, only with efficient and skilled professionals can you avail the right computer repair service!

Keep reading then to check out the types of services offered by renowned computer repair shops!

Different Types Of Repairs To Expect From An HP Laptop Service Centre in Kolkata

Maintenance Services


Computers require frequent upgrades and tune-ups from time to time for enhancing its performance and life span. With their vast expertise in repairing computers, professionals specialise in offering a range of maintenance services to their customers. These include rebooting, new operating systems, general check-ups and updating.

Virus Removal


It often happens that devices get infected with virus due to an unknowing click of an email, leading to various fatal consequences. Virus and spy-ware attacks can have disastrous effects on your appliance and it is best to get rid of these at the earliest. Professionals can easily remove virus without even risking any of your information or data from the laptop. After providing you with the complete virus removal service, these repair centres even remove the PC in a safe condition.

Hardware Repairs


Another exemplary service you can avail from a leading HP laptop service centre in Kolkata is repairs related to hardware issues. Hardware repairs deal with various physical damages which are affected by the accessories or the PC and even include structural issues, dents, paint jobs, which might be faced by your laptop. Trusted laptop repairing centres specialise in offering a range of hardware issues like- memory and replacement of hard drive, full hardware diagnostics, memory and hard drive upgrades, etc.

Data Recovery


There may be times when you start facing certain problems with your PC and you end up losing all your valuable data. While this can be very frustrating, with the help of experienced technicians, you can recover your lost data by tracking your information.

Accessories Repair


A laptop consists of various accessories like keypads, batteries, adapters, touchpad, LCD, which may require repairs or replacement due to damages. Choosing a person who specialises in offering computer repairs can be your worthy choice because they have the right methods and techniques.

Troubleshooting And Networking Errors


Skilled professionals even excel in offering services to help you get rid of networking and troubleshooting errors which may get complicated and include network installation and other issues.

Now that you are aware of the services to expect, what are you still waiting for? Quickly find a reputed laptop centre and start availing exemplary laptop repair services!

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7 Ways To Extend the Life Of Your Acer Laptop

A laptop is not only our best working companion but it is also a pretty serious investment. Though the portable device offers a lot more to us than a regular desktop computer, we often fail to take proper care of it.


It is crucial to take good care of a laptop in order to make the most of your investment. We tell you how to extend the life of your Acer laptop instead of taking it to the service centre.

Ways To Take Care Of Your Acer Laptop

Take Care Of The Device While Travelling

If you are travelling, make sure that you turn your laptop off instead of leaving it simply in the standby mode. It is also important that you remove all external devices, such as pen drives, thumb drives, CDs, DVDs, etc. from it before turning it off.

Protect It From Temperature Fluctuations

Any kind of temperature extremities can take a toll on your laptop. So, keep it away from temperature swings as much as possible. If it is difficult to prevent extreme temperature shifts, keep it turned off until the temperature becomes stable enough.

Safeguard Your Laptop Screen

The screen of a notebook is the most delicate part of the device and you must be extra careful while taking care of it. Never ever clean the laptop screen with a regular cleaning agent. There are monitor wipes and industry-approved cleaning solutions available in the market to keep the laptop screen clean without causing damages. You should also not touch the laptop screen with sharp or pointed things as it can lead to scratches or even cracks on the surface.

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Reduce The Issue Of Overheating

Overheating is a major issue for notebooks. It results in frequent shutdown and affects the health of the device in the long run. You can prevent the overheating of your laptop by putting it on a flat and hard surface. Keeping it on a soft and non-flat surface like blanket, pillow, or lap can avert sufficient ventilation and produce significant amount of heat.

Avoid Strong Magnetic Fields

Most of the electronic appliances, such as high-tech refrigerators, televisions, etc., generate strong magnetic fields, which has adverse effects on notebooks. Even smaller devices like speakers, cellphones, etc. also create powerful magnetic effects on laptop when left on. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you do not keep these appliances or devices in close proximity to your notebook.

Close The Lid While Not In Use

You might find it surprising but leaving the notebook lid open for long, even when it is not in use, is one of the leading causes of laptop damage. It not only drains out the battery but also allows lots of dust and dirt to settle on the keyboard. So, if you do not make it a habit to close your laptop lid while not using, you might end up taking it to your nearby Acer laptop service center in Kolkata for repairing.

Carry Your Laptop Well

Last but not the least; use a laptop bag or case of fine quality to carry your device everywhere with maximum protection. It should come with cushiony layers inside so that your device does not get damaged due to accidental drops or any other similar happenings.

These tips are simple yet immensely helpful in taking better care of your laptop. Follow these to extend the life of your device and avoid burning a hole in your pocket for its repairing or replacement.

Qualities To Look For In An Acer Laptop Service Centre In Kolkata!

Did your Acer Laptop stop working suddenly? Have you been facing a lot of problems lately? Fret not. All you need to do is simply take the laptop to a good service centre in your area!


In this digital era, we rely on computers more than ever. Be it accessing contacts, planning our busy schedules or preparing presentations for academic/professional work, we count on laptops for everything. Thus, any kind of issue with your computer can hinder your entire schedule of the day. It is here that the need for a reliable laptop service centre near your area comes to the rescue!

Are you wondering how o choose a good laptop repair shop? Then take a look below to know the qualities you should look for in any servicing centre!

5 vital characteristics To Look For In an Acer Laptop Service Centre In Kolkata!

Should Have A Well Established Reputation


With the availability of numerous Acer laptop repair shops, you should choose a centre which is widely recognised in your area. Remember; only the technicians with a good and proven track record can provide you with reliable services.

Have Multiple Technicians


No matter how good a professional is, he can have infinite knowledge about every kind of computer repairs. Thus, with multiple technicians and experts, you can be assured of multiple skill sets along with the likelihood that your issue will be solved quickly.

Ensure That Your Device Returns With The Same Settings, Applications And Look


Inexperienced technicians cause more harm than good and end up changing your settings, look, applications, etc. Thus, while choosing an Acer laptop service centre in Kolkata, opt for one which ensures the settings, application and look of your laptop.

Should Have Knowledge And Expertise In Solving Your Problem


Before handing over your laptop to any professional, you must check if he has prior experience in repairing similar issues. Other than asking the technicians about their expertise you can even check their record to verify the same.

Technicians Must Back Up Your System Before Working


While choosing a repair shop you can count on, ensure that the technicians back up your entire system before they start working on it. Never allow them to touch your machine without taking a backup.

Now that you know the characteristics to look for, what are you still waiting for? Start finding a reputed laptop service centre in your area!

3 Easy DIY Tricks for Your Lenovo Laptop Before Going To A Service Centre

Let’s accept the fact that dealing with a technical gadget becomes mess sometimes. So, Mr. tech-savvy guy, are you in trouble with your Lenovo laptop?

Yes, we can hear the sound of your heart break every time you had with the obsolete laptop.

It would be really a tough time to here and there in Kolkata for finding a service centre. Why don’t you try for some DIY with your favourite gadget today? Its 100% safe and interesting enough to spend a lot of time.


 And Here They are, What You Need…

#1 : Reinstall your software of Your Own

Most modern laptops are producing with plenty of extra software designed specially by the system.

These programmers include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Audio etc. In course of everyday task there would be some possibilities to remove accidentally some installation software.

If that happens, don’t worry some easy mouse clicks will solve your problem………

But, do you really want to consult a Lenovo Laptop Service Centre in Kolkata at the very beginning ?

At least give it a try by yourself. First, identify the problem by noticing which menu doesn’t work properly or can’t be open after trying several times. It will be the easiest way out if you don’t find out the menu. In that case, you can install that from the manufacturer’s website.

If the software is not available easily track down the maker and download the firmware from the company’s webpage.

#2: Dealing with a Dead laptop Screen.

One of the deadliest mishaps happen with Lenovo laptop is dealing with a problematic LCD.

Be warned. A broken screen is the sign of accidental fall, intense pressure, and expose to water or electrical overload.

To identify your faulty screen qualifies for repair diagnosis the laptop or notebook  is generally required either the onboard software or  assessment from an authorized service centre

In case of serious system failure, it needs physical repair, the standard warranties for major manufacturers (such as Lenovo) generally ask their customers to send their system back to the company repair facility. Under Lenovo’s standard warranty, a substitute laptop will be sent to the customer on the next business.

#3: Recovery from window failure

Don’t worry if your Operation System refuses to boot…..

Lenovo laptop manufacturers pre-load their movable with a recovery panel on the hard drive. The panel is customized to load the particular version of Windows installed at the factory plus all software in an emergency.

Pressing one of your laptop’s function keys during booting usually launches this feature. For example, tapping F11 on Lenovo ThinkPad will set off Lenovo’s Recovery Program.

The closure thought…..

That all, but that’s not all the problem that you face with a laptop. Some problem can be paved a way by seating in your house, trying some DIY. But, there is a forest of task that is really tough to repair by your own.

You have to go to the service centre. Sometimes that would be better option than doing wrong way alone.

So, first diagnosis your problem according to their intensity and decide the way or repairing.

In Search of Acre laptop service Centre? Know the Problem and The best Place to Solve

The value of a laptop has always increased when it become obsolete. And being a tech-savvy person it is the worst thing spending days without your favorite gadget. days become empty and you feel to be in the ice age right now, Isn’t it? Then go a laptop service centre right now?


Now another big problem has come. Which service centre should you opt for and how they work?

But before it, you have to know what kind of problem is there in your laptop or how many kinds of problem are there that can be happened anytime with this gadget?

Let’s have a closer view.

Common laptop problems:


  1. The main link often leads to flicker problems
  2. A cracked LCD screen
  3. Backlight problem4. Poor image display
  4. The hard disk drives failure
  5. Battery will not charge
  6. Laptop will not start Damaged or missing keyboard
  7. Damaged or missing keyboard
  8. Data corruption and malicious software attacks
  9. Problems with the motherboard
  10. Automatic shutdown causes overheating problem
  11. Damage to a USB port

No matter which laptop do you have all face more or less the same problems and the solutions to the same, but always try to repair from the authorised technicians? Suppose, if you a user of Acer laptop make sure you are going to an Acer Laptop Service Centre in Kolkata or any other nearby metropolitan cities. All metropolitans’ numbers of authorised service centres.

Which Laptop Service Centres Should Opt For?


Always, always and always get a specific referral:

Opt for a service centre that has a strong referral indeed. Don’t go to a repairing centre just because your friends said to or the owner is familiar with one of your relatives. There is no strong referral than the popular social media, client reviews and the Google Map suggestion.

Big Ad’s are None of Your Business:


You never heard of the name of the shop? SO what!! There is no need of the big big Ad’s. But before you chose just take a feed back about their servicing and the minimum possible days of returning your laptop.

Don’t reward failure:


Don’t take any chance with your favorite gadget ever. Don’t opt for a shop what have some rumours or negative comments. There is no point to give your business to that company that already proved themselves unworthy.

Do a Little Survey


Yes, you heard it right. I mean spying… Sometimes it helps you better service.

Just Visit their store, browse a bit, but pay close attention to other clients who are dropping off or picking up their laptops. Do they seem satisfied? And now decide.

Finally, you have gotten enough point to make out a right choice.

Be smart and choose the right service centre for you.

How to Choose the Best Dell Laptop Service Centre in Kolkata

Have you ever thought to spend a whole day without technology?

Ohh!! It’s a nightmare indeed.

Spending a couple of days with an obsolete laptop is a hell indeed for a tech-savvy man. On the other hand, many of us have an expensive laptop but have a little knowledge about its mending and maintenance.

So, let’s get some information what you should do and where to go when your laptop becomes out of order.

6 Facts to Remember While Choosing Dell Laptop Service 

On-the- spot support:


It’s really very frustrating when you need your laptop right now but the service centre takes two or more days for repairing. It’s time to change your repairing centre. The right Dell Laptop Service Centre in Kolkata gives their best services in no time. However, most PC and laptop servicing centre provide onsite service nowadays. Some of the servicing agencies provide their service by visiting your home. Though some charge extra for this. But you can negotiate in this matter.

Time is a big factor:


Suppose you are getting onsite service while visiting the repairing shop but they ask you to wait for four to five hours. It’s not a good service at all. No matter how damaging the laptop is it takes maximum two to three hours for repairing. Unfortunately, in some genuine cases, it takes more time.

Provides you with warranty service:


A warranty service is very important indeed. Make sure that your chosen agency provides you with at least six months or more servicing warranty. A warranty service is the ultimate safeguard of your laptop and it saves you money. Also, ensure that they provide you with the replacement of any damaged part even after repairing in a warranty period.

Gives you manufacturer certificate:


Another vital part is to ensure if the agency provides you with the manufacturer’s or the engineer’s certificate after repairing. You should opt for that servicing agency who is able to provide you with an authorized servicing guy, an expert in servicing Dell laptop.

Large companies not always give large services:


Large and renowned companies are not always the ultimate option. Go for the services, not for the logos. Many local companies in your area or neighborhood are there who are able to provide you with authorized and branded services at an affordable and reasonable price.  You can search the best and comparative rates on the internet.

Opt for a reasonable cost:


It’s probably the most vital fact that you have to compare when you have an out of order laptop. People have a wrong notion that it is very expensive repairing a branded laptop from a branded and authorised service provider. Well, it is totally a delusion.  Many authorised services are there at an affordable price.

Hope all these points will help you get advantages while visiting a laptop repairing shop and will also help you choose the best servicing centre in Kolkata.